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Workspace workload

In this page, you can see by heatmap and by graph the number of bookings for the time period of interest:

  • desks
  • parking
  • meeting rooms

Go to Analytics > Workspace
Select the desired office and set the time interval.


The heatmap visualizes the most popular desks, meeting rooms and parking on the map using color. The more by days the objects have been booked for the selected period, the more saturated their color is. When you hover over an object, you can see the number of workload days in that period.

Graph of dynamics usage of desks

The desks usage trend chart displays the total number of all bookings. If the map is mixed (desks + parking), the total number of all bookings will be displayed.

Available – objects that have not been booked during the day.
Booked – objects that were booked by users during the day.
Assigned – objects that were assigned to users and users came to the office during the day.
Not available – objects that the administrator has set as unavailable for booking.

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