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Configuring integration with Slack

In the article:
1. Connecting integration
2. Connecting users

With Slack integration, users will be able to customize notifications and manage UnSpot bookings through the Slack bot.

1. Connecting integration

  1. Navigate to the active company workspace in Slack and verify that you’re the administrator of that workspace
  2. In UnSpot, go to Manage > Integrations and in the Slack card, click Connect.
  3. In the window that appears, allow access to your space by clicking Allow.

You are integrated with Slack. To disable the integration, click Disable.

2. Connecting users

To receive notifications in Slack, each user needs to log in to his/her Personal Account, select Notifications from the menu and toggle the Slack switch to the active position. Next, select the desired notifications.


1. In case the integration is not connected, the switch to enable Slack notifications will not be available

2. When the integration is enabled, users do not need to log in to Slack. The login will be done automatically, based on the principle of email matching in UnSpot and in the Slack space. If the user is not found, an error message will appear when trying to connect notifications. This problem can be solved by updating the user's email saved in UnSpot according to the email used in Slack.

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