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Locker Management

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Creating a Loker map

  1. Go to: Manage > Workspace management > Workspaces
  2. From the “Add” menu, select “Loсker”
  3. Enter a name for the Locker map, select the parent of the Locker map, and select which user groups will have access to the Locker map

Adding and removing cells

  1. Go to the Locker map and select “Add a cell”
  2. In the window enter Locker cell name, select the type of access and access groups that can book the cell

You can copy the cell, move it on the map and resize it. You can apply the same properties to a group of cells by selecting them.

  1. To delete a cell, move the mouse over it and confirm removal
  2. You can delete all available cells at once using the “Remove All” button

Integration with lock controller

To set up remote opening of the Locker in the UnSpot system, you need to connect integration with your lock controller.

  1. Go to Manage > People Management > Integrations and locate the desired integration.
  2. Enter the issued Host address and Authorization Token and click Save.

Binding cells to locks

To connect the controller to the Locker:

1. Go to Manage > Workspace management > Select a workspace with Lokers > Go into Map
2. On the Locker, click Edit and in the window that appears, under Connect to Cell, select the option and Save.
Important: You will see the cell connection string only after you have configured the integration with the controller.
3. After connecting the required Lokers, save the map.

Important: The administrator can open/close any Locker of the user.

In the side menu you can select favorite workspaces with Lokers and sort them in the order you want.

Deleting a Locker Map

To remove a Locker map from a workspace, go to: Manage > Workspace Management > Workspaces, click “Remove” against the desired Locker map and confirm the removal.

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