The office will be able to accommodate more employees and jobs

After the pandemic, people will continue to work effectively from home one or more days a week. UnSpot software provides a set of tools that allow different people to use the same workplace without problems or conflicts.

The office will become twice as profitable

And you decide whether to fit twice as many people or move to an office that is two times smaller.

Collect data for optimization

Collect accurate data without hiring consultants or interviewing employees. The data will help you answer many questions, such as:

– How many desks should be available for booking?
– How many people go in to the office on average?
– How much could we reduce the size our current office?
– Will we have enough meeting rooms if 5 more people come to the office? 15? 25?

Make some seats that are fully assigned to an employee, available by booking

UnSpot allows you to book jobs conveniently. Thus, different employees may sit in one place on different days. You determine which desks, assigned to certain employees, should be available for short-term or long-term reservations or not available at all.

Obtain a convenient tool for booking meeting rooms

Booking meeting rooms with hints allows you to increase the number of meetings in the meeting room by up to 40% per month.

Get the most benefits possible from your office

You decide which option is more convenient for you:

– expanding in the current office by increasing the number of employees without renting new space;
– moving to a smaller office that is either higher-end or just less expensive.

Popular questions

What about the personal items onthe desk?

Buying a locker cabinet with a compartment for each employee allows the employee to store things while they are away.

What about the personal computer?

Modern computers have been supporting remote workplace functions for many years. An employee just enters a username and password using any gadget and accesses their desktop with all of their files and programs.

Start your office optimization

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