Middle-size companies
per user*
*Minimal fee 1000$ per year
Large-size companies
customizable features and integrations
On request
Desks booking
Meeting rooms booking
Unlimited number of buildings/locations
Desk search based on equipment availability
Possibility to place a booking display near a meeting room
Reporting office usage by the employees to a company
On request
Booking confirmation
Possibility for a manager to book facilities for an employee
Report issues in the office
Interface with a client’s logo
Free office space map rendering
*1 map up to 500 sq. meters
Training and support
User training
Help center,
2 workshops during Q1
Help center,
unlimited personal assistance
Participation in pipeline creation
Meeting rooms integration
Integration with Outlook
Integration with Gmail
Integration with Onprem Exchange
Integration with ActiveDirectory
Middle-size companies
per user
Large-size companies
On request

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How UnSpot helps customers

Spacious office Thumbnail
Spacious office

UnSpot software provides a set of tools to use the same workplace by different people without problems and conflicts.

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Returning to the office Thumbnail
Returning to the office

Sunspot Software provides a set of tools to help employees safely return to your company's office and support a long-term flexible workplace strategy.

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The office as an attractive location Thumbnail
The office as an attractive location

UnSpot software helps to modernize the office into a space for attracting employees and their effective interaction.

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Improving the HR brand Thumbnail
Improving the HR brand

Sunspot software provides tools that allow employees to feel that the company cares about them and invests in their convenience, security, and comfort of interacting with the office space.

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