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Configuring integration with Zoom

In the article:

  1. Setting up Zoom
    Creating an application
    Customizing the application
  2. Setting up integration with UnSpot
    Connecting the integration
    Connecting Zoom to a meeting room

Integration with Zoom allows you to add video conference links to meeting room bookings, manage meeting recording and invite participants via a link using UnSpot. To record meetings, you will need the appropriate plan in Zoom that allows you to record meetings.

1. Setting up Zoom

Creating an application:

  1. In the Zoom App Marketplace, log in to your company’s corporate account
  2. In Develop, select Build Server-to-Server OAuth App
  3. Specify a name for the app > Create

Customizing the application:

  • App Credentials – this is data that is automatically created by Zoom and is required for further integration with UnSpot.
  • Basic Information – information about the created application.

Fill in the fields:

  • Short Description – short description of the application
  • Company Name – your company name
  • Developer Contact Information – enter the name of the responsible administrator and enter your corporate email address to receive notifications of important updates, changes and news that may affect your application.
  • Feature – tokens are automatically created in this tab
  • Scopes – define the allowed API methods that UnSpot can use, as well as the information and features available in Zoom.

Add Scopes:

  • View all user meetings
  • View and manage all user meetings
  • View all user recordings
  • View all user information

Activate your app

Important: The application must be activated for successful integration.

2. Setting up integration with UnSpot

Connecting the integration:

  1. Go to Manage > Integrations on the UnSpot website
  2. On the page, find Online Conferences and click Connect on the Zoom card
  3. Go to the previously created app in Zoom App Marketplace > Manage > open App Credentials
  4. Copy and paste Account ID, Client ID, Client Secret one by one
  5. Save your settings
Important: After integration, you need to attach a Zoom user to the meeting room. You can learn about user management by clicking here.

Connecting Zoom to a meeting room:

  1. Go to Manage > Workspace management
  2. Select Meeting Room > Edit
  3. Select Zoom account > Connect

The Zoom logo will appear in front of the connected meeting room

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