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Company settings

This article will consider the basic company settings in UnSpot to help you customize the system to your company’s needs:

1. General
2. Available functionality
3. Date and time
4. Working time

Go to “Manage > Company Settings > Company defaults“.
After making changes, click “Save” .

1. General

Language – sets the selected language as the default for new users.
Company name – to be used in emails from UnSpot.
Company logo – upload the logo for dark and light backgrounds in the format: SVG, 120 by 40 px.

2. Available functionality

Select the sections that will be shown in the main menu to users.
If you select “Set as homepage“, this section will open when you open the site and application.

3. Date and time

Time Zone defines which time zone will be added to spaces by default. Allows you to display the time of desks, meeting rooms and parking in the company’s time zone (by default, is set to your local time zone).
Time format:
1) 24 hour time format. Example: 8:10 or 13:15.
2) 12 hour time format. Example: 8:10 am or 1:15 pm.
Date format:
1) European. DD-MM-YYYYY, that is, the day at the beginning and then the month. Example: 21.08.2023 or 21 Aug 2023.
2) American. MM-DD-YYYYY, the month is written before the day. Example: 08.21.2023 or Aug 21, 2023.

First day of the week – defines in the system from which day the week will start.

4. Working time

Employee working time – you can set the same working hours for all employees at once. Select the time and activate the switch. When you book a desk, the parking will be booked for the employees’ working hours by default.
Office working time – defines default working hours for all spaces added to UnSpot. The user can only book desk and meeting room during office working hours. Office hours affect the utilization of meeting room hours in analytics reports.

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