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Admin panel

The admin panel on the site is for company customization and provides access to manage spaces, users, integrations and view analytics.

The Admin Panel has the following sections available:
1. Company settings
2. Workspace management
3. People management
4. Integration
5. Analytics

1. Company settings

Go to Manage > Company settings

Company defaults – settings are responsible for general customization of the system for your company (you can select language, time zone, date and time formats).
Work statuses – allows you to configure additional statuses for user scheduling.
Helpdesk – allows you to manage user requests and customize topics of support requests. This way users can contact the responsible persons in case of various breakdowns or for other reasons.

2. Workspace management

Go to Manage > Workspace management

Workspaces – you create a map of the space and position desks, meeting rooms, lockers and parking spaces on it. This is also where the initial setup of workspaces, meeting rooms and lockers takes place.
Booking policies – allow you to customize the functionality in more detail to meet your individual needs. For example, you can set a limit on the number of days a user can visit the office, you can set a time limit for booking meeting rooms, or you can set a reminder to the user to plan a schedule.
Check-in policies – is responsible for fine tuning check-ins (booking confirmations). You can choose what users need to confirm, by what method and in what time interval.
Amenities – you designate what equipment is present in your office. Equipment will be attached to desks and meeting rooms to indicate its presence.
QR codes – QR code uploading is needed to confirm user bookings in the office.
Room displays – setting up displays that are located near the meeting rooms.

3. People management

Go to Manage > People management

Access requests – system access requests are displayed here.
Employees – shows the list of all users in the system. Here you can interact with users: edit old users and add new ones.
Groups & Teams – allow you to configure different access groups. In this way you can customize the rights of individual user groups in the system.
Access policies – you can add domains. When logging in, users with mail with this domain will be automatically logged in.

4. Integration

Go to Manage > Integration

In Integrations, you can connect UnSpot system with other applications to expand functionality. This includes synchronizing users, sending notifications, and holding online conferences.

5. Analytics

Go to the Analytics section in the main menu
Analytics allows you to get information about office attendance, use of desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces by employees. You can also view statistics on various parameters by downloading reports.

Dashboard – on the Dashboard panel you can view booking analytics by different metrics
Workspace workload – helps to visualize office attendance by heatmap and by graph of number of bookings.
Meeting rooms workload – helps visualize meeting room usage with a heat map and graph.
Reports – will help you analyze the statistics of bookings by different parameters.
Tariff – provides full information about the current tariff of the company.

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