Product updates


Flexible Confirmation Policy Customization

There is a new section on the Edit Office page – “Confirmation Settings”. Now you can set up an individual booking confirmation policy for each individual space.


Setting the threshold for advance booking

There is a possibility to customize the pre-booking threshold for work places and parking lots in the settings  of each single office.


New options for booking meeting rooms

UnSpot now offers the ability to book meeting rooms for multiple days at once.


Automatic Locker Closure

No more need to manually close your Locker through the UnSpot system after use, as the lock will automatically close 10 seconds after opening, and you simply need to slam the locker shut to close the Locker.


Office Privacy

With the enabled new feature of office privacy, bookings will be hidden from the whole team and displayed only to:

  • A user who has booked a workspace for himself/herself
  • The user’s manager, who will only be able to see information about the bookings of his/her subordinates
  • Managers who have access to see all bookings
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