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Product updates


Management of past schedule days

Update: now not only the administrator, but also a manager can edit the statuses of the past days of the schedule of his/her subordinate employees. This makes management workflow more flexible and convenient.

Users cannot change their past schedule statuses by themselves.


Advanced meeting room booking from the map

Experience new features of booking meeting rooms from the office map. Now, when selecting a room on the office map, you can switch to the advanced settings mode. This allows you to quickly fill in all the required additional fields. A great option if you need to specify additional details about the meeting, such as title, number of participants or individual privacy settings.


More informative office map

Now you can see all confirmed workplace bookings on the office map. With the help of color indicators on the desks, you can easily see what users have already checked in.

In case of strick check-in, available only from the office, you can see at a glance who has already arrived at their office – their desks are marked with dark gray color. And the desks of those who are still on their way are marked with dark blue color.
With remote check-in set up, you can quickly see which desks have been confirmed and which workplaces have not yet been checked in and may still be available.

In this way we increase the efficiency of workday planning and optimize the use of office space.


Onboarding new users

Now the administrators can easily manage not only the synchronization of the users, but also the sending (or not sending) the welcome emails to all new users. The welcome email will inform the new employees how to download the app, help them to get acquainted with the company’s work environment, and explain step-by-step the process of logging in and customizing their profile in UnSpot.


Get informed when the favourite colleagues will be in the office

On the Schedule page, you can subscribe to your coworkers’ schedules to receive notifications about their plans for the next day. To do this, simply click on the star next to the coworker’s name in the shared list.

You can disable this feature in your Profile on the page “Notifications”.

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