Analyze workspace usage and improve office performance

Learn how to adapt the office to the needs of your employees using data. Determine exactly what your teams need. 

Ideas that will help the evolution of your office

Get data on the use of your office without hiring consultants or employee surveys.

Always up-to-date analytics

– Detailed usage analytics for each room and desk.
– Get real-time information about the way people, space and things in your office work together.
– Learn about trends toward shortages of space before they start to affect your business.

Office space also gets a KPI

– Get more than a dozen KPIs to help you track excess and underutilized space, identify patterns of occupancy and actively improve your office.
– Find out when rooms and workplaces are busiest and identify peak meeting hours with an easy-to-read dataset.

Are you hiring new employees? We recommend Wednesday afternoon as the most suitable time according to the schedule.

Reconfiguring, not reconstructing the office

Change existing rooms using data.

. Do you see one room becoming excessively full while the room next to it is not becoming fuller?
It is a reason to dig deeper. Maybe you need to add that convenient flipchart in a little-used one.

Maximize the benefits of your existing office space

– Redesign your office with data-driven analytics to make the most of your existing space, rather than obtaining expensive new real estate.
– If an office move is just around the corner, rely on workplace analytics to plan the best configuration in advance.

Start your office optimization today!

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