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User synchronization with SCIM

To connect SCIM go to Administration > Access > Integrations > click “Connect” in card SCIM

Attention: Save the secret token

Sync with Azure

Go to the Microsoft Azure > Create Enterprise applications > In the side menu, select “Provisioning” > Enter credentials: URL and secret token from UnSpot

Set up synchronization of Users and Groups by Attribute Mapping:

Setting up mappings:

  1. Provision Azure Active Directory Groups > choose “Show advanced options” > Edit attribute list for customappsso > in line “members” in referenced object remove checkbox “urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:core:2.0:Group” > Save
  2. Provision Azure Active Directory Users > replace source attribute “mailNickname” by “objectld” leave below shown attributes > Save
  • userPrincipalName
  • Switch([IsSoftDeleted], “False”, “True”, “True”, “False”)
  • jobTitle
  • givenName
  • surname
  • telephoneNumber
  • objectld
  • department

Sync only assigned users and groups:

Add Users and Groups > Start Sync

Sync all users and groups:

In Provisioning choose Sync all users and groups > Save and Start Sync

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