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Use UnSpot display solution to visualize current room status, upcoming meetings, and available time slots ready to be booked immediately.

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Display room availability and meeting details

Easily find and book meeting rooms even for last-minute plans.

Make a reservation right outside the meeting room

Get the most of your office space with the easy-to-use booking module.

Get a simple way to manage your meeting rooms

Our app is compatible with every tablet on the market and available for both iOs and Android, so you can use the device you’re most comfortable with.

UnSpot Display Features

Intuitive and easy to use solution

With Unspot Display, you can easily book and manage your meeting rooms, create schedules, and monitor availability, all from one simple platform. Our software is intuitive and easy to use, making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, Unspot Display has everything you need to keep your meetings on track.

Useful features

  • Real-time booking: Book your meeting rooms on the fly and get real-time updates on availability.
  • Customizable displays: Customize your display screens with your company logo and branding.
  • Easy scheduling: schedule a meeting with just few taps and get reminders for upcoming appointments.

Seamless integration

  • Unspot Display integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar.
  • Our Display is already integrated with a room usage analytics: Get detailed analytics on how your meeting rooms are being used to optimize your workspace for maximum efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect UnSpot display?

1. Get a suitable device. We have selected devices that are best suited for UnSpot Display and are ready to help you make the best choice for your company’s needs. The top choice is iPad-6 2018. You can buy an iPad yourself or order it from us. Guide for purchasing devices 2. Select and install the holder. Provide convenient access to UnSpot booking system with wall holders that guarantee a secure fit and a continuous charge for your device. You can go to the for more information on the holder types, installation guidelines, and additional placement details. 3. Download UnSpot Display App Download and install the UnSpot Display App on your tablet and connect it to your UnSpot account. You can download the UnSpot Display App directly from the App Store and Google Play. Get in touch with us, and we will help you subscribe to our system and connect your tablet UnSpot Display.

What is a meeting room display?

A meeting room display is a digital signage system that is typically installed in conference rooms, boardrooms, and other meeting spaces to provide information about upcoming meetings and to facilitate presentations. These displays typically include features such as touch screens, calendar integration, and wireless connectivity, allowing users to quickly and easily schedule meetings, share presentations, and collaborate with colleagues. With their sleek, modern design and user-friendly interface, meeting room displays have become an increasingly popular tool for enhancing productivity and streamlining communication in the modern workplace.

What can I do with the meeting room display software?

Meeting room display software can offer a wide range of useful features for businesses and organizations. With this software, users can manage and schedule meetings, display important information such as room availability and upcoming events, and even allow remote participants to join in on meetings. Other features may include integration with popular productivity tools like Microsoft Office and Google Suite, real-time collaboration tools, and the ability to customize the display to match your organization’s branding. Ultimately, meeting room display software can help businesses streamline communication and collaboration, increase productivity, and make the most of their meeting spaces.

What are the advantages of meeting room display software?

Meeting room display software offers several advantages for businesses and organizations. One of the key benefits is improved communication and collaboration, as the software allows users to easily schedule and manage meetings, display important information, and collaborate with colleagues in real-time. Additionally, meeting room display software can help increase productivity by streamlining the meeting process and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Other benefits may include better organization and utilization of meeting spaces, the ability to customize the display to match your organization’s needs, and the integration of popular productivity tools for a seamless user experience. Overall, meeting room display software can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively, while improving communication and collaboration among team members.

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Try the UnSpot Display App with Booking System for free

Schedule a demo and get not only our application, but also free 14 days access to the meeting room booking system

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