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Software for conference room display

A digital solution for displaying room schedule on a screen

Easily book meeting rooms in your office for available time slots right near the entrance to those rooms and use the color-coded indication to quickly check the availability of the room you need.

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Simple and quick booking of a room for a meeting

Use the meeting room scheduler display to find an available room with the required capacity and reserve it with a single touch on the screen right before entering the space.

A universal solution for wall-mounted tablets

You will no longer need expensive gadgets with an integrated booking system. Just buy any touch tablet with Android or IOS system and install our application on it.

Analytics & statistics on all reservations

Find out how often each space is booked throughout the day, a week or even a month. Use the data collected to distribute the workload among all the venues.

Schedule and manage meetings without your laptop or smartphone

Schedule display of the selected room
Booking Confirmation
Extend or Finish Meeting

Find out the status of the room before you approach it

A color-coded occupancy indicator on the screen will help you understand if the meeting room is currently available for booking or if it’s already occupied and a meeting is in progress.

Additionally, the display will alert you about how much time is left until the next meeting starts and will change its color if the meeting is about to begin imminently.

Use only those devices and display mounts that suit your company

Save on purchasing expensive branded devices with built-in conference room booking systems and many unnecessary features.

A wide selection of suitable devices
Numerous ready-made mounts

The UnSpot system seamlessly integrates with corporate services





Microsoft 365


Google Calendar



Aruba Clearpass


Microsoft Teams



Google WS


Microsoft Teams

Aruba Clearpass


Simplify spaces booking using UnSpot system

Get a free 14-day access to our application for room schedule display and meeting room booking system.

Examples of tasks that our meeting room management system solves

The display automates routine tasks related to room booking

According to statistics, 20% of meeting room bookings occur right at the entrance to the room.

  • Save your employees’ time by allowing them to reserve conference rooms from the display whenever they need to.
  • Employees will no longer need to go to a computer or distract the office manager to schedule an urgent meeting.
  • You can find an available meeting room in just a few touches on the display or in the mobile app.

Enhance employees’ interaction experience with your office

The analytics module will help you upgrade the office by showing which rooms employees use more often and which are not utilized at all.

  • Analyze what equipment is missing in the less popular rooms and make them more comfortable and functional for employees.
  • Set up synchronization with your corporate calendars so the display can show bookings that were created from other programs.
  • Give employees the ability to book rooms and other spaces from any device they prefer.

Subscription plans

Payment per user

Unlimited number of resources

From 2,5$ per user per month


Payment per resource

Unlimited number of users

From 10$ per resource per month

Create a flexible and modern workspace in your office

Try our system for free and discover all the possibilities of a comprehensive solution for managing your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a touchscreen display for booking a conference room?

The UnSpot application is designed for iOS and Android operating systems and functions on iPad and Android tablets with a minimal set of options.

Here are the main criteria to consider when choosing a device for the meeting room:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity capability.
  • Display resolution (from 1024 × 768 pixels) and the size of the device’s Screen size (from 7 inches).
  • Memory storage capacity can be any.
  • Additional features for working with UnSpot are not required (For example, the ability to use a SIM card).

We recommend the following devices:

  • iPad from 2018 and later models;
  • Android tablets with built-in mounts.

Remember that the screen size of the device and the mount for the meeting room must match. For example, if you are buying a 2018 iPad 6 with a 9.7-inch screen size, you should choose a mount designed for this device’s screen size.

How to properly install the purchased mount for displays outside an office room?

Before starting the installation of the mount, it is necessary to determine its location on the wall in front of the meeting room. An important criterion for choosing is the possibility of placing an socket nearby or the presence of network equipment.

After selecting the installation spot on the wall, use a laser level to install the mount parallel to the floor at a height of 4.75 ft (145 cm) from the bottom edge of the mount.

Next, ensure the possibility of uninterrupted charging of the display by providing power to it. It is recommended to route the cable socket to the left or right at a height of 5.12 ft (156 cm) from the floor, so it is precisely in the middle of the mount.

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