Making hybrid work easy

The UnSpot platform organizes hybrid work and increases face-to-face teams’ productivity. Scheduling, meeting room and desk booking, analytics, and more — everything your team needs to coordinate work and communicate and collaborate efficiently.

Value Proposition

Planning the office visiting days takes less than a minute now, as I no longer need to ask my colleagues each time, “Will you be in the office?”

I do not miss the time when colleagues that are essential for me, come to the office

I’ll have workspace in any office I come to

Single point which I address in case of any shutdowns in the office or hardware related problems

I easily navigate in those company offices which I visit rarely. I can find colleagues I need, necessary hardware, i.e. printers, or the required meeting room without asking others

We doubled the company staff without moving to a bigger office

We moved to a smaller office in the city center preserving the same staff number

I often hear from employees how cool and up to date our office is

I know for sure when it’ll be the right time to move to a bigger office

I’m prepared for the company active growth without early office change

IT department employees started going to the office three times a week (in average). Corporate culture is being preserved

New employees and office guests know how to reach the office, find their table and necessary hardware, how to find the workspace of a colleague he needs, and also easily navigates in the office

The first work day of a new employee is usually the day when his future work team is in the office

The employees are sure that the office is a COVID-safe place

There is enough workspace for everyone, no collision is possible

Convenient system of settings for employees visits to the office

Managing the empoyees office visits takes only few minutes per day

Thanks to an interactive map, update of changes in the office happens in just several clicks

Analyzing of where people spend most of the time and what they are short of helps to make office better

Quick implementation for the whole company through integration, easy operation by not a person who isn’t an IT department employee

Employees plan their visits to the office on their own in accordance with the company policy

Report of the employee visit to the office in aid to an executive manager

Trusted worldwide by companies large and small

Ak Bars Bank
Radio Monte Carlo
Animal Planet
Level Group

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Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of your teamwork. Bring the flexible work experience to the next level by giving your employees the autonomy to seamlessly manage their schedules and office resources and efficiently collaborate with their teammates.

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