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All-in-one Hybrid Office Platform

Simplify workspace management, schedule meetings, and gain valuable office insights — all in one smart solution. Book desks, create schedules, and optimize your workspace effortlessly.

Stop wasting time on routine office management tasks

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks like table bookings, employee scheduling, and meeting coordination. With UnSpot, streamline all these processes and more, easily from any device.

Optimize space utilization with our booking system and scheduling solution

Our software empowers even large teams to operate smoothly within limited office spaces. Optimize your office capacity and accommodate your entire team effortlessly.

One platform for all your needs

No more switching between different software. UnSpot includes desk booking system, scheduling software, office analytics, navigation, and room reservation system. UnSpot easily integrates with different software.

Book desks in one click

Give your employees a convenient tool for desk booking with flexible scheduling and an intuitive interface.

Find a meeting room at-a-glance

Increase productivity by giving your team quick and easy access to all the spaces and things they need.

Plan your teamwork

Work your way and keep everyone informed. Stay connected and collaborate with colleagues.

Create a data-driven office

Find out how much space your team needs, how many more people you can hire, and which office locations are the most popular.

Solve office problems quickly and easily

One centralized ticketing system to handle various employees’ issues.

Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite tools





Microsoft 365


Google Calendar



Aruba Clearpass


Microsoft Teams



Google WS


Microsoft Teams

Aruba Clearpass


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Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of collaboration. Give employees an easy way to manage their hybrid schedules, invite colleagues to a seat, and book the nearest table.

Work on any device

You can book workplace from the website and mobile devices.

Additional equipment

UnSpot Display shows the status of a meeting room, displays free and occupied time slots and allows you to book it immediately.

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