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User synchronization with AD sLDAP

In the article, the integration of UnSpot with on-premise AD for user synchronization is discussed. To accomplish this task:

Navigate to the Manager > People management > Integrations and click on “Connect” in the On-premise AD card. Enter the required information and click “Save”.

Note on the entered data:
– Host – the network address of your server, where your AD is installed and running. Typically, this is the IP address or domain name of the server.
– Domain – the domain name you use for your local network and AD. For example,
– Port – by default, LDAP uses port 389, and LDAPS uses port 636. The administrator may change the default port, so in case of errors, please contact the on-premise AD administrator.
– Login, password – the credentials for logging into the on-premise AD.

After a successful synchronization, you can “Disconnect”, “Edit”, and “Update on-premise AD”:
To configure the user filter, please enter the following command: memberOf=CN=”Name of the user group in on-premise AD”,CN=Users,DC=”On-premise AD domain”,DC=”Domain zone”. Example filter: memberOf=CN=test,CN=Users,DC=umbrellait,DC=com. Additionally, you can modify the synchronization data.

With “Update on-premise AD”, you can quickly refresh the synchronization in case of technical issues. For instance, if the connection token becomes outdated. The update is available once per hour.

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