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Schedule planning

1. Schedule planning
2. Mood Statuses

In the “Schedule” you can plan your week and show your colleagues where you plan to work from by setting statuses for the coming days.

Additionally, you can set mood statuses – whether you and your colleagues are ready to talk together over coffee, go to lunch, or meet after work.

1. Schedule planning

1. Go to Schedule > Select a week
Use the navigation arrows to switch between weeks. To quickly return to the current week, click the “Current Week” button.
2. Click on the desired cell and select your status

  • Office

If you have a booked desks, the cell will automatically display an “Office” status with the name of the office and desk.

Important: If you select the “Office” status, the last office where the desk booking was made will be automatically set. In case your last workplace is booked, the nearest free desk will be booked. Clicking on the name of the desk will take you to the Desks, where your workplace will be displayed.

Replace: To change your office, click “Edit”. From the dropdown list, select the desired office. In the pop-up window, confirm the booking change by clicking “Replace”. You will automatically be booked a desk in the selected office.

  • Remote / Not working / Extra statuses

You can show your colleagues in your schedule that you plan to work remotely, do not work, or choose the most appropriate status. Extra statuses will be shown in the schedule in the same color to which group it belongs. Extra statuses are created by the Administrator.

Weekends are not working days by default, but it is also possible to set a status for Saturday and Sunday.

2. Mood Statuses

Additionally, you can set the mood status when working from the office:

  • Ready to drink coffee
  • Ready to have a lunch
  • Ready to meet after work

You can set one, two or all statuses.

Important: Administrator can assign a status to any user. A manager can only assign statuses to subordinate employees.

  • If a user’s “In office” status has been changed to “Remote” or “Not working”, he/she will receive a letter about canceling the booking.
  • If a user has the status “Office” and another desk has been booked, the user will receive an email about booking a desk.
  • If a user’s status is set to “Office”, he/she will receive an email about booking a desk.

By default, the desk where the user has booked more often will be booked. Mood statuses cannot be set for other users.

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