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User Roles

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1. Member
2. Manager
3. Office manager
4. Administrator
5. Reception
6. Delegate

There are four roles in UnSpot (Member / Office Manager / Administrator / Reception), each with a different level of access to functions.
All invited users are automatically assigned the “Member” role until this is changed to Office-Manager or Administrator or they are assigned with additional rights (“Manager” / “Delegate”) by the admin of the account.

1. Member

The basic set of actions is available to the users with this and all other roles:

  • Book and manage meeting rooms, desk, parking lots and lockers for themselves
  • Book on behalf of other colleagues or a visitor* and view the colleagues’ bookings
  • Plan personal schedule and view the colleagues’ schedules*
  • Set up the personal profile & account
  • Connect personal calendars
  • Receive a report on personal visits
  • Create requests for administrators
  • Use all the standard features of the UnSpot system (like open the list of who is in the office today, set up the push-notifications, search by user or resource etc)

*Important: enabled Booking Policies apply to this role (for example: “Booking restriction for others” or “Private bookings” policies)

2. Manager

The user with “Manager” upgrade can manage his/her team’s bookings and schedule planning.
The Manager can be any user added to the special field in the user profile of a subordinate.
Besides the actions available to the role “Member”, Manager can:

  • Book desk and parking lots for his/her team
  • Manage his subordinates’ bookings ( meetings, desks and parking spaces)
  • View his/her team’s bookings
  • View & manage team’s schedule and schedule template

Important: When restrictive booking policies are enabled, a Manager can view and manage his subordinates’ bookings

3. Office manager

The role “Office Manager” has all the features of an “Member”. The Office Manager can also be assigned subordinates (see Manager). The additional available features are:

  • Access to “Analytics” page (Dashboard / Office / Meeting Rooms / Reports / Tariff). Reports are limited to generate the information only on the subordinates of this manager.

4. Administrator

The “Administrator” can do everything what Member can. Additional capabilities are:

  • Assign roles to all users
  • Book on behalf of all employees and visitors without limiting booking policies
  • Schedule customization for all users
  • Log in as another user for specific settings customization
  • Manage the Admin Panel
  • Company setup: connect tablets for digidal displays, set up spaces, manage booking policies, manage users
  • View  the Analytics (Dashboard / Office / Meeting Rooms / Reports / Tariff)
  • Set up integrations with other systems
  • Review & confirm/reject requests from users

5. Reception

The ” Reception” role provides the ability to process and manage requests for visitors’ cars to enter the company’s territory.
The role is different from the basic “Member” by the following capability – the user with this role can:

  • View and manage vehicle pass requests

6. Delegate (Meeting approver)

When you enable the “Approval confirmation” feature in the meeting room settings, you can assign a “Responsible Admins” or Delegate of the meeting room who will approve the reservation requests.
The Delegate can be a user with any role assigned with these special rights in the meeting room settings.
Delegate can:

  • View the list of approval requests of the meeting room booking
  • Approve and reject meeting room booking requests where he/she is listed as the approver.

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