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Office Scheduling

Give your employees a flexible tool to manage their schedules. UnSpot scheduling software is a helpful tool that allows hybrid teams to seamlessly schedule their office visits and collaborate on-site or off-site. UnSpot provides smart solutions for desk booking, increased productivity, efficient work scheduling, and space optimization.

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Bring your team together in the office quick and easily

Your employees will receive convenient software to book meeting rooms in one click from
a desktop, mobile app, or meeting rooms display

Make data-driven decisions

Using UnSpot Analytics you will find out the best days to invite people for meetings, also you will be able to get statistics for meeting rooms usage to know how much space your team needs

Get an all-in-one hybrid office solution

UnSpot includes desk booking system, work scheduling, office analytics, navigation and interactive maps

Create your perfect hybrid office

Easy office management

  • A simple interface allows employees to create their preferred hybrid work schedule within minutes.
  • Easy access for supervisors to edit all schedules, with automatic notifications letting employees know their schedule has changed.
  • With UnSpot, employees can find out if their teammates are on-site on a particular day and invite them to a meeting or book a nearby desk.
  • Interactive maps provide real-time desk and meeting room availability.
  • UnSpot is available on desktop and mobile devices

Create a data-driven hybrid team

  • On the day the employee comes to work, UnSpot confirms the schedule and updates the information in the system.
  • The employee receives alerts if someone from his team unexpectedly decides to come to the office so he doesn’t miss the opportunity to have a meeting.
  • Each employee keeps track of their own schedule as they can see when their teammates have signed up for their updates, and it’s important for them to meet in person.

Design your hybrid office for seamless collaboration

  • Employees will stay up-to-date on all team meetings and updates.
  • It’s easier to meet new colleagues, invite teammates to lunch, and initiate non-working team meetings via UnSpot.
  • The system monitors attendance, preventing people from coming on-site if the office has already reached its capacity limit and runs out of bookable seats.

What else can you do
with UnSpot?

  • Book desks in one click
  • Explore desks booking trends and identify ways to better manage your space
  • Get a set of tools for the safe return of your employees to the office after the pandemic

Get started with UnSpot

Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of collaboration. Give employees an easy way to manage their hybrid schedules, invite colleagues to a seat, and book the nearest table.

Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite tools





Microsoft 365


Google Calendar



Aruba Clearpass


Microsoft Teams



Google WS


Microsoft Teams

Aruba Clearpass


Making the hybrid office convenient for everyone





Hire twice as many employees without expanding your office.
Find out how many work spaces your hybrid team needs so you can reduce rent or find a smaller, more convenient, and better-located office for the same price.
With a comfortable office and a convenient desk booking system, your team will become more loyal and productive.

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Hybrid Office Space Optimization

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Get started with UnSpot

Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of collaboration. Give employees an easy way to manage their hybrid schedules, invite colleagues to a seat, and book the nearest table.

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