Office Scheduling Software

In a hybrid work model, employees need a flexible tool to make their schedules, UnSpot software helps them do so quickly and in coordination with their colleagues.

User-friendly interface for creating office schedule

Schedules are made by employees

A simple interface that takes an employee a couple of minutes a week to fill out.

“Will you be in the office on Friday?”

The employee sees the schedule of his colleagues, and no longer has to ask each of them in person to meet.

Managers don’t waste time approving schedules

The supervisor sees all the schedules and can make changes, which will be notified to the employee.

Always up-to-date information


On the day the employee arrives, UnSpot will ask them if their plans have changed and update the information.

Update notifications

The employee receives alerts if someone from his team unexpectedly decides to come to the office, so he doesn’t miss the opportunity to have a meeting.


Each employee keeps track of his or her own schedule, as he or she sees that his or her colleagues have signed up for his or her updates, and it’s important for them to meet in person.

Safe attendance growth

More sense to come to the office

Employees come in more often and more efficiently. People have more reasons to come to the office.

  • Don’t miss the main thing

No one will miss the information about when the team meets.

  • New friends

You can meet a newcomer you don’t know personally.

  • Have lunch together

You can arrange to have lunch with a colleague from a related field.

Safe arrival at the office

The system monitors attendance, and prevents you from coming to the office if you run out of seats.


Employees invite each other to come to the office.

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