Organize an effective hybrid work in your office

Employees no longer go to the office 5 days a week because the completely remote work does not provide effective teamwork, and want to go in hybrid work mode several days a week. UnSpot will help create an efficient and comfortable hybrid work environment.

Schedule office visits in a hybrid work schedule as a team

Synchronize your visit

Choose the best days to move into the office based on all team members’ schedules.

Invite colleagues to work together

You always see the schedule of your colleagues, and you can send a request from the system to clarify the schedule or with an invitation to work together.

Be aware of who is in the office today

Forget about the regular chat questions about who will be in the office. Now you always know who is in the office and when.

Choose a seat next to the right colleague

Easy communication

The system will automatically book a seat with the right colleague, or let you decide with whom it will be efficient to work and choose the day.

Finding a place by equipment

Forgot your laptop charger? Or need a desk with 2 monitors? We’ll provide a search for equipment needs in large or low-profile offices.

Where does a colleague sit?

Easy to find where your colleague is sitting and the actual status of his presence in the office.

Start your office optimization today!

How UnSpot helps customers

Hybrid Work Software Thumbnail
Hybrid Work Software

UnSpot will help create an efficient and comfortable hybrid work environment.

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Spacious office Thumbnail
Spacious office

UnSpot software provides a set of tools to use the same workplace by different people without problems and conflicts.

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Returning to the office Thumbnail
Returning to the office

UnSpot Software provides a set of tools to help employees safely return to your company's office and support a long-term flexible workplace strategy.

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The office as an attractive location Thumbnail
The office as an attractive location

UnSpot software helps to modernize the office into a space for attracting employees and their effective interaction.

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Improving the HR brand Thumbnail
Improving the HR brand

UnSpot software provides tools that allow employees to feel that the company cares about them and invests in their convenience, security, and comfort of interacting with the office space.

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