Meeting & Conference Room Booking System

It allows you to book meeting rooms quickly and conveniently from anywhere: a company calendar, web app or from a desk directly in front of the meeting room.

Help your employees find and book suitable meeting rooms more easily

Give up hand-made spreadsheets and mistakes.

Real-time updates

As appointments are booked, the system displays real-time updates. No guesses or checks are required.

Quick and easy booking

You may see the occupancy of all meeting rooms using the web interface and choose the most suitable one.

The ability to see all the meeting rooms at the same time

You may choose the time of a meeting by seeing the workload of all meeting rooms at the same time.

Make the interaction between employees and the system for booking meeting rooms more convenient

Transfer employees to a comfortable mix of working from the office and working from home.

Display in front of the meeting room

According to statistics, 20% of meeting rooms are booked directly in front of the meeting room. From any device, you may see the occupancy of all rooms on the floor and book a suitable one.

Find and book from anywhere

Allow your employees to book meeting rooms from wherever is convenient for them – the company calendar, web app or directly in front of the meeting room.

The company HR-brand is growing

Current employees see that the company cares about their convenience. Guests may see the high level of automation of the company offices.

Understand and optimize the use of meeting rooms

Useful conclusions

Get useful insights based on the data:
– on what days is it better to invite new employees to interviews, so as not to interfere with employees?
– at what time is it better to schedule meetings to be sure that there will be a free meeting room?

Plan your future office

How many and what size of meeting rooms should be added or reduced in number in the new office? Answer, please, with regards to the data.

Full integration with the current ecosystem of the company 

Unique UnSpot functionality

UnSpot integrates not only with the resource calendars of meeting rooms, but also with the personal calendars of employees, allowing you to add meeting rooms to an already created event without leaving the app.

Example. I have a meeting with the project manager in the office on Tuesday in Google Calendar. I would like to book an meeting room in the main office for the event.

Functionality of booking seats

. Managing room schedules

Keep your calendar clean and manage your entire schedule in one place. Prevent double bookings and the headache, looking for a free meeting room.

Display near the meeting room

It displays the schedule of the current and nearest rooms for the day. It allows you to book any room directly from the display.

Unlimited number of users and rooms

Invite all employees to UnSpot and grant access to any number of floors that your company requires.

Creating a multi-room meeting

Employees may assign several meeting rooms in different offices to one event at once to facilitate internal interactions.

Notifications when booking

If an employee changes the time of an event in the calendar, the system checks the load. Thus, if the meeting room that was previously assigned is not available, it asks the employee to select another free meeting room.

Web app

Employees reserve a desk from a web app that is convenient for them. No training is required. 

Data Analytics 

You get complete data analytics on which days are better for employees to come, which parts of the office are the busiest and a lot of other useful information.

Access groups

You may choose which group of employees will have access to which part of the office. 

Start your office optimization

How UnSpot helps customers

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Spacious office

UnSpot software provides a set of tools to use the same workplace by different people without problems and conflicts.

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Returning to the office

Sunspot Software provides a set of tools to help employees safely return to your company's office and support a long-term flexible workplace strategy.

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UnSpot software helps to modernize the office into a space for attracting employees and their effective interaction.

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Improving the HR brand

Sunspot software provides tools that allow employees to feel that the company cares about them and invests in their convenience, security, and comfort of interacting with the office space.

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