Meeting Rooms Booking Software

Simplify the process of meeting rooms booking in your office

Forget the hassle of organizing meetings and finding an unoccupied meeting room. Plan meetings in a few clicks, choosing the room that’s perfect for the task at hand.

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Simple and convenient meeting planning

Reserve meeting rooms in your office from any device via browser, meeting room booking app or touch screen tablet right before you enter the space.

Effective interaction between employees

When booking a meeting, add a link for online participation for employees working from home. Give the whole team the opportunity to participate in the discussion, regardless of their location.

Detailed reports on office space bookings

Find out why some spaces are overloaded and others are not used at all. This information will allow you to upgrade all the rooms in the office and distribute the workload between them.

Booking a meeting room will be easier than getting a coffee

Quick search for available time slots
Interactive map of your office
Convenient search through filters

Scheduling meetings right at the front door of the venue

Meeting room booking software for tablets shows the current status of the room, scheduled meetings and available time slots that can be reserved immediately.

  • The display helps you to extend the meeting time if it’s running late or release a time slot if it ends earlier.
  • Color indication informs you whether the meeting room is currently available or whether a meeting is already taking place.
  • Thanks to the synchronization with corporate calendars, you can always see the current schedule of the room.

Booking analytics and flexible system configuration

Access Groups
Check-in via QR code scanning
Booking Time Limit
Heatmap and Booking Schedule

UnSpot scheduling app integrates seamlessly with corporate services





Microsoft 365


Google Calendar



Aruba Clearpass


Microsoft Teams



Google WS


Microsoft Teams

Aruba Clearpass


Enhance the efficiency of office meetings with UnSpot

Get a free 14-day access to our system and minimize routine tasks of scheduling meetings and searching for available rooms.

Examples of tasks that our meeting room software solves

Creating a comfortable environment for communication

Meeting room scheduling software is perfect for companies of any size, helping them to create all the conditions for effective meetings.

  • Employees save time by not having to search for an available room, because meeting room reservation is available on any device.
  • The system retains the booking methods previously used by the company, adding new modern tools for users.
  • You can forget about disrupted meetings due to unexpected guests looking for a spare room.

Optimization and improvement of the utilized office space

The meeting room reservation system helps you to analyze your current workload and inform you which part of the office needs reorganization.

  • Identify peak times for bookings to spread the load across all spaces evenly throughout the day.
  • Figure out what devices, items or equipment are missing from less popular rooms to improve them.
  • Get reports on problems and issues submitted by employees via app, computer or QR code.

Subscription plans

Payment per user

Unlimited number of resources

From 2,5$ per user per month


Payment per resource

Unlimited number of users

From 10$ per resource per month

Create a flexible and modern workspace in your office

Try our system for free and discover all the possibilities of a comprehensive solution for managing your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is space management?

Space management is the optimization of physical space usage in an office or another location, including workstation layout, conference room booking and room availability control.

What does room management software include?

This meeting room app includes a set of features that collectively ensure seamless and efficient office space management, enhancing its usability for employees and improving their overall interaction experience with it.

  • Meeting room booking
  • Meeting reservation on the interactive map of the office
  • Connection to displays located at the entrance of the room
  • Temperature and lighting control
  • Conference room availability monitoring
  • Space utilization analytics
  • Integration with calendar applications

Why is it necessary to use meeting room management software in 2024?

Modern companies often face the need to economize on office space due to the high and constantly increasing cost of renting commercial areas, coworking spaces, and office buildings. Therefore, the efficient use of leased space becomes critically important for any type of business.

Room booking software allows you to optimally utilize and manage your workspace with built-in analytics. You will always be able to know what rooms or areas are most frequently used by your employees and what are simply vacant, wasting your money for no reason.

Furthermore, conference room scheduling software eliminates scheduling confusion among employees, optimizes workflows, and reduces costs associated with unproductive meetings.

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