Meeting Rooms Booking System

Book meeting rooms and desks in one click from anywhere and say goodbye to spreadsheets and booking hassle.

Bring your team together in the office quick and easily

Your employees will receive convenient software to book meeting rooms in one click from a desktop, mobile app, or meeting rooms display.

Make data-driven decisions

Using UnSpot Analytics you will find out the best days to invite people for meetings, also you will be able to get statistics for meeting rooms usage to know how much space your team needs.

Get an all-in-one hybrid office solution

UnSpot includes desk booking system, work scheduling, office analytics, navigation and interactive maps.

Book meeting rooms quickly and easily

Book conference rooms
in one click from anywhere

  • You no longer have to spend extra time searching and booking meeting rooms.
  • Quick and convenient meeting rooms booking via: a company calendar, a web app or from a display directly in front of the space.
  • Get a real time updates: UnSpot system immediately displays real-time updates on all bookings and current availabilities. No guesswork, no double-checking required.
  • Easy access to all meeting spaces with real-time availability making it easy to book the right space for the right time.

Easy to start

  • UnSpot integrates with all popular calendars and email clients.
  • Training employees to use the service takes no more than 10 minutes.
  • UnSpot seamlessly works not only with the system meeting room calendar, but also with the personal calendars of employees, allowing them to add meeting rooms to an already existing event without leaving the app.

Get useful insights based
on data

  • What is the best day to invite people for the discrete meeting or an interview, given the current attendance stats?
  • What is the best time to schedule a meeting based on the meeting density stats?
  • Translate your workplace analytics to easy insights to support business decisions on all levels. From changing meeting room fittings to an office move.

What else can you do with UnSpot?

  • Book desks in one click.
  • Explore desks booking trends and identify ways to better manage your space.
  • Get a set of tools for the safe return of your employees to the office after the pandemic.

Show room availability and meeting details with the UnSpot Display

  • Our display visualizes upcoming meetings, and available time slots ready to be booked immediately
  • Make a reservation directly near the meeting room. Make the most of your office space with the easy-to-use booking module.
  • Modernize your office interior. Enhance your HR brand with an innovative and forward-thinking company image.
  • Any tablet on iOS or Android is suitable for the display.
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Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of collaboration. Give employees an easy way to manage their hybrid schedules, invite colleagues to a seat, and book the nearest table.

Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite tools





Microsoft 365

Aruba Clearpass




Microsoft Teams



Google WS



Google Calendar


And many more

Making the hybrid office convenient for everyone





Hire twice as many employees without expanding your office.
Find out how many work spaces your hybrid team needs so you can reduce rent or find a smaller, more convenient, and better-located office for the same price.
With a comfortable office and a convenient desk booking system, your team will become more loyal and productive.
Our Clients
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Small and Middle-size companies

50-999 employees

$5 / month per user

Large-size companies

1000+ employees, customizable features and integrations

Price on request

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Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of collaboration. Give employees an easy way to manage their hybrid schedules, invite colleagues to a seat, and book the nearest table.

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