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Desk Booking Software

Modern desk booking solution for offices and hybrid teams

Enhance your employees’ productivity by allowing them to schedule their office visits and plan the desk reservation next to a colleague for collaboration.

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Flexible workspace for productive work

Implement a hybrid work model and manage attendance policies to accommodate up to 80% more employees in the current spaces and save budget on renting new ones.

Hot desk booking app is always at your fingertips

Reserve desks from any device via browser, desk booking app, or desktop application. Training on how to use the system takes no more than 10 minutes.

Flexible desk booking settings in the company

Activate reservation confirmation via QR code, enable privacy policy, and manage access for different user groups to specific work zones, meeting rooms, and parking spaces.

Organizing hybrid work in the company has never been so easy

Office visits planning at your convenience
Interactive map of your location
Convenient search filters

A simple tool for scheduling office visits for your employees

The desk booking software includes a weekly schedule dashboard to help you to synchronize your team’s or department’s attendance schedules. Employees will be able to know at any time when their colleagues will be in the office and where exactly they will be sitting.

Furthermore, employees will be able to set individual statuses to show everyone that they are ready to chat over a cup of coffee, go out for lunch together, or have dinner with a colleague.

Detailed analytics and reports for making informed decisions

Space Workload
Office Potential Forecast
Desk Reservation Heat Maps
Employee Attendance

The UnSpot system seamlessly integrates with corporate services





Microsoft 365


Google Calendar



Aruba Clearpass


Microsoft Teams



Google WS


Microsoft Teams

Aruba Clearpass


Manage hot desks and workspaces with UnSpot

Get free 14-day access to our system and make your office convenient for all your employees and hybrid teams.

Examples of tasks that our hot desk booking software solves

The space does not have enough workstations for all employees

Hot desk booking software helps companies in situations where the number of employees exceeds the office capacity.

  • The system will monitor occupancy and if it exceeds 95%, management can change the office attendance policy.
  • Create zones in the system to assign desks to full-time office workers and establish a coworking area for hybrid employees.
  • A schedule dashboard will allow employees to save time and pre-plan their visit for the day they need it.

Creating a comfortable and optimized space for effective work

Office desk booking software will help to transform your office into a modern workspace and manage it.

  • Find out when desks in the office are most frequently booked and ensure they are used evenly throughout the workday.
  • Add an interactive map so that guests and new employees can quickly navigate and find the space they need.
  • Manage the settings of each of your offices individually to customize different local policies to meet all business needs.

Subscription plans

Payment per user

Unlimited number of resources

From 2,5$ per user per month


Payment per resource

Unlimited number of users

From 10$ per resource per month

Create a flexible and modern workspace in your office

Try our system for free and discover all the possibilities of a comprehensive solution for managing your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is desk booking software?

UnSpot Desk booking software is a digital tool that allows your employees to reserve office resources such as a desk, meeting room, parking space, or personal locker for the time they need.

This office desk software provides an accessible and intuitive interface, ensuring that employee training on its use takes no more than 10 minutes. A key criteria of such software is simplicity like allowing desk reservation to be made in just a few clicks from any device.

What are the benefits of digital desk booking solutions for business?

Digital solutions from UnSpot for desk booking, such as hot desking software, offer numerous benefits for businesses. Here are some of them:

  • Optimization of office space usage;
  • Reduction in operational costs;
  • Increase in employee satisfaction and loyality.

Additionally office booking software provides valuable analytics that can help management to make informed decisions regarding space requirements and workplace policies.

Can a workspace be reserved for another person in the system?

In UnSpot desk booking system, there is an option to reserve a desk for another person. This feature is perfect for administrators who can book multiple desks to organize an event, ensure that executives get a space in the rooms they prefer or arrange a workplace for a new employee close to his/her new colleagues.

What is hoteling, and why should it be used in 2024?

Hoteling is a practice where employees do not have assigned desks but instead use hot desking software to book a workspace when needed. The concept promotes flexibility, maximizes office space utilization and supports hybrid work models.

In 2024, using hoteling office model can help the companies to adapt to changing work trends, ensure workforce mobility, and reduce real estate expenses by efficiently managing office space with a desk booking tool.

Experts predict that in the next five years, work desk software and office hoteling will be used in more than 30% of all offices worldwide regardless of their size. This reflects a global trend towards more flexible and efficient ways of using company space as well as supporting various work formats including hybrid and remote models.

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