Desk Booking System

Versatile and easy-to-use desk booking system allows businesses to adjust to the new normal of hybrid office work easily.

Interactive maps/floorplans for desk management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and booking hassles, and take your hybrid space management to the next level.

Drag and drop interface

Just drag and drop desks on the virtual map to optimize your office layout and assign booking permissions and availability.

Interactive maps with real-time availability

Update your seating map and see changes reflected across all devices instantly.

User management

Track usage, assign individual or group roles, and determine access permissions for your employees.

Smart and simple tool for desk selection and booking

Help your employees returning to the office part-time navigate the new world of hybrid work easily.

Easy-to-use desk search and booking system

Give your employees the power and flexibility to manage their office time with a convenient self-service desk booking system, no matter where they are.

Real-time office management

Optimize your space management in real time. Office maps accurately reflect all available resources, and changes are instantly updated.

Convenient team member search

Help your team find one another wherever they’re working that day. With the UnSpot platform, within seconds, employees can see if their teammates will be on-site on a certain day and even book a seat next to them.

Customize your office space based on your company’s desk usage data

Safe seating after COVID

Manage your office capacity by limiting the number of available desks for booking at any time.

Daily and historical data on office usageage

Explore desk booking trends and identify ways to better manage your space.

Contact tracking

Keep your employees healthy if anyone gets sick with quick and easy contact tracing reports ready for export in seconds.

Unique UnSpot features

People have their favorite spots in the office. Only UnSpot offers the feature to book desks matching certain filters and employees’ complicated schedules.

Example: This year, I will come to the office every Tuesday from 13:00 until 15:00 and every other Friday for the whole day. On these days, I would like to sit at the same desk by the window.

Desk booking system features

Interactive seating map

Changes in the layout on the map made by admins are instantly reflected on all user devices.

Hot desk and Hotel desk booking

An employee may reserve a workplace for several hours or for several days.

Assigned desks

Admins can assign fixed desks for office workers and hot desks for those who split their time.

Group desks

Ability to unite desks into certain groups, for example, marketing department, quiet zone, etc. 


If an employee does not show up at his reservation time, the booking will be canceled and the desk will become available for booking again.

Convenient search filters

A handy option allowing employees to find a free desk for a specific time in a certain office or floor.

Web app

Easy-to-use app allows employees to find and book the most convenient desk. No training required.

Group access

Ability to determine and assign specific access permissions to groups of employees.

Data analytics

Complete data analytics on the best days to come to the office, stats on the busiest parts of the office, and a lot of other useful information.

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