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Why should you start using meeting room booking software now?

December 10th, 2021 • 10 min read
Blog Workplace Experience Why should you start using meeting room booking software now?
Blog Workplace Experience Why should you start using meeting room booking software now?

Pandemic has changed a lot for organizations and their employees. Millions of companies face a new reality: for a business to continue working and generating income, it is necessary to quickly provide remote jobs without losing communication efficiency.

Most likely, the number of people who gather in one room does not exceed three or four now. Meanwhile, according to statistics, most conference rooms in offices are designed for seven or more people. The real solution to use the office area correctly is to book it beforehand. Meeting rooms are becoming part of the office environment, and ease of booking and connection comes to the fore. It makes it easy to find and reserve a meeting place, including remotely.

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What is a Meeting Room Booking App?

To increase meeting room efficiency and workload distribution, various modern IT companies offer comprehensive solutions for electronic room booking.

They are a set of software and hardware solutions integrated into the organization's IT infrastructure and developed individually for the customer's needs. Such systems for meeting rooms create a virtual map.

How does a Meeting Rooms Booking App Benefit Companies?

A room reservation system is an effective tool for ensuring the most efficient use of corporate space. The electronic control system distributes the load between the premises of business centers, allowing you to predict when a particular room will be free and book it for presentations, negotiations, and meetings with one click.

Spend less time booking meetings

Need a meeting room urgently? With the reservation system, you no longer need to run through the corridors, looking through every door searching for free space. The ad hoc booking feature will allow you to reserve a space in just a few seconds. Moreover, you can book the meeting room for yourself directly from the workplace through the app or the web panel.

Avoid double-booking meeting rooms

As a result of the introduction of booking technology, all employees receive an excellent tool for analyzing and making decisions on the distribution of negotiation events. The introduction of meeting room booking systems eliminates confusion with the schedule, double bookings, and disrupted conferences. The whole reservation process becomes transparent. At any time, you can see who booked the room, for what time, and for what event.

Use space more efficiently

With an automated booking system, high efficiency of using an office or a business center premises is achieved, reaching 90% or more. This means that the spaces are not empty and do not collect queues of people wishing to hold a meeting or negotiations there. At the same time, energy and equipment life last longer because it turns on only when the room is actually used.

How do you start using the meeting room reservation software?

Along with changes in work technologies, the corporate culture must also be adapted to the new paradigm. There is no separation between office workers and those who choose to work remotely for a company that has switched to a hybrid office format.

To start using tablets for meeting room reservation software, you should consider at least four following steps: to integrate the app calendar, make the policies clear, connect the app to the mobile device, and display the schedule on various screens.

Integrate the app to your existing calendar tool

One of the most valuable features of booking systems is integrating employees' emails and corporate timetables, thanks to the support of the calendar tool. This allows you to reserve a room by simply adding the mailbox associated with it to the mailing list for event participants and coordinating the reservation with the work schedule.

Make your meeting room booking policies clear

No more arguing with colleagues over room access or inconvenient start times. All participants are informed in advance when booking a room, and the transparency of the booking system with the ability to view the schedule through a browser eliminates conflicts, misunderstandings, and delays.

Connect the meeting room app to your mobile device

Comfort exploits — the main reason for modern programmatic deprivation. You can book a meeting room for a specific time and duration on the touchpad itself, online from a work computer or a smartphone. The meeting rooms app is the arch benefit for those working from home.

Display the meeting room schedule on various screens

Touch panels and various screen installations are other trends. Such tools qualitatively improve and maximize teamwork. You can upload content from any device. One of the main advantages of such solutions is collaboration for geographically distributed teams (relevant in a pandemic) — a touch screen or even a laptop screen is enough.

How can the Unspot software help?

Transformable office spaces promise to be one of the most sought-after in the coming years. If we talk about negotiations, they can be increased or decreased depending on participants' number in the meeting in such offices.

The Unspot software for remote booking of both meeting rooms and workplaces helps manage the premises in transformable offices. Using the UnSpot Display, you can track the analytics, the number of people in the room, social distancing, and even the sanitization of surfaces. It is the harmonious combination of multimedia technologies and functional design at your office. The UnSpot offers advantages of meeting room booking software: it shows free and occupied space for you to make immediate reservations. Besides, the software can modernize the office. Besides, the software can modernize the office.

Try meeting room booking system for free

Book meeting rooms in one click from anywhere and say goodbye to spreadsheets and booking hassle

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