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How to plan conference room usage in the age of social distancing?

November 22nd, 2021 • 5 min read
Blog Workplace Experience How to plan conference room usage in the age of social distancing?
Blog Workplace Experience How to plan conference room usage in the age of social distancing?

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the field of employment are devastating. Workplace social distancing is one of the most effective solutions for companies of different sizes and industries. Employers and employees have to adapt to the changes that occur in their office organization. It's critical to pay due attention to developing the proper plan to achieve the set conference room social distancing goals.

Conference rooms should be organized in a way that social distancing meetings are conducted safely and productively. There are certain risks associated with the usage of a conference room during the pandemic:

  • As large business meetings lead to overcrowding, there's a risk of the spread of infection.
  • Poor sanitation and insufficient airflow violate health and safety rules.
  • Attendees have to spend time in arranged spaces. There's a risk of coronavirus transmission because of the small physical distance between participants.

How do workplace teams keep social distancing in meeting rooms?

It's important to follow social distance practices and plans. The determined signage conference room size per person is 25-30 square feet. The critical requirement is to keep 6 feet (or 2 m) during meetings. Furthermore, a hand sanitizer should be available at the conference. Employees are not allowed to shake hands as a sign of greeting while meeting their colleagues. Any form of touching contributes to bacterial contamination. In some situations, work duties require employees to reduce their distance. Every participant should use face coverings if social distancing tactics cannot be properly maintained.

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Are COVID-19 occupancy limits effective?

Workplace teams can share their experience of the effectiveness of space limits using various methods, including interviews and surveys. It's easy to assess the effects of the pandemic on workplace organization if there's accurate information on the number of employees and conference room management. This data can be taken from meeting room reservation and attendance reports, time series reports, and hourly occupancy heatmaps. Today, person-to-person communication is impossible at conferences. For this reason, innovative methods should be employed to ensure health and safety work.

How can Unspot help?

Unspot is advanced software that has an all-in-one solution for maximizing your office utilization. The kit also includes an UnSpot Display, which is installed at the entrance to the meeting rooms in your office. Let employees feel comfortable at their workplace by using Unspot tablet for booking the conference rooms. At the same time, as an employer, you can have access to the team’s interactions with workspaces and get an understanding of how to design interior office layouts as efficiently as possible and ensure that all measures are taken to maintain a comfortable office environment during Covid-19.

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