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Desk Booking Software in Company’s Office

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After the pandemic started, part-time remote work became the new normal. Offices need to change and allow employees to book desks for the time they will be working in the office.

Meeting & Conference Room Booking System

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It allows you to book meeting rooms quickly and conveniently from anywhere: a company calendar, web app or from a desk directly in front of the meeting room.

Analyze Workspace Usage and Improve Office Performance

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Learn how to adapt the office to the needs of your employees using data. Determine exactly what your teams need. 

Creating a Trouble Ticket in the Office

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In companies, different departments are responsible for different malfunctions. Give employees one place to write to in case of a malfunction.

UnSpot Meeting Room Display

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UnSpot Display shows the status of a meeting room, displays free and occupied time slots and allows you to book it immediately.

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