Increase employee loyalty by taking care of their interaction within the company office

Employees spend a significant part of their time, and even their lives, in the office. UnSpot provides tools that allow employees to feel that the company cares about them and invests in their convenience, security, and comfortable interaction within the office space.

Get positive feedback

Thank you for not making me go to the office on a schedule

The ability to book a workplace if necessary.

Thank you that we don’t have to to call colleagues to ask: “Are you going to work in the office tomorrow?”

An opportunity to search for information on whether an employee will be in the office or not on a given day.

Thank you for making booking meeting rooms convenient

The ability to see the status of all meeting rooms and book in one click.

I am proud of the modern office

There are convenient displays in front of the meeting rooms.

Continuous improvements
in the data-driven office

There are constant improvements in the office and employees feel taken care of. For example, through messages, employees can find out which days and times meetings in the office are to be assigned, or about a global seating arrangement. So, it becomes easier to communicate and work.

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