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Faced with modern realities, we decided to find a partner to build a desk booking system. With the help of UnSpot, we were able to completely solve the problem of switching to a hybrid work format for employees, and reduce the area of ​​​​offices, thereby reducing rental costs. We like that UnSpot allows us to organize our workspace quickly and flexibly, and our staff appreciated the simplicity and convenience of the booking system.
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The company had leased a sizable office space. However, upon transitioning to a hybrid work schedule, it became evident that the existing space exceeded employees’ needs. The question remained: to what extent could the current space be reduced?

It also became apparent that, to facilitate employees’ comfortable hybrid work arrangement, implementing a schedule management system and desk booking system was necessary.

Solution and result

We integrated the UnSpot hybrid office management system, allowing employees to effortlessly reserve desks and establish schedules for their hybrid work arrangements with just a few clicks. Simultaneously, the management gained access to user-friendly analytics on office usage, which provided insights into the team’s spatial requirements. This enabled Discovery to optimize its office space by relinquishing unused areas, resulting in substantial reductions in rental expenses. Moreover, employees were equipped with user-friendly tools to facilitate the organization of their hybrid work experiences.

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