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Build an easy-to-use user-friendly platform for desk sharing and room scheduling.

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Desk Booking System
Meeting Room Booking System.


Implemented in 2 offices in 2 countries solution for desk sharing, conference rooms and phone booths booking.

I’m writing to express my highest recommendation for UnSpot’s workplace booking system. Our experience using their product has been nothing short of exceptional.We’ve found both the mobile and desktop versions to be straightforward and user-friendly. The intuitive interface makes the booking process a breeze, whether you’re a seasoned tech user or a complete beginner.UnSpot really shines when it comes to customer focus. They offer a multitude of customization options to suit almost any business need you can think of. In our case, it felt like the system was specifically designed for us, which really goes to show how adaptable it is.We’ve been consistently impressed with the support from UnSpot’s admin team. Whenever we’ve run into any issues, they’ve been there to help us out, ensuring that our operations run smoothly.When it comes to technical support, UnSpot doesn’t disappoint. Their tech team has been instrumental in providing the exact adjustments we needed. They’ve shown a genuine understanding of our requirements and have consistently offered practical solutions.One of the standout aspects of our experience was the speed of implementation. UnSpot rolled out their system across our organization quickly and efficiently, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.Lastly, the guidance and advice UnSpot provided on best market practices proved invaluable to our decision-making process. Their expertise has helped us streamline our operations and improve our booking system.All in all, UnSpot offers a superior workplace booking system that’s user-friendly, customizable, and backed by a professional and supportive team. I’m confident they’d be an asset to any organization.
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Nebius HR BP


The company has offices located in different countries. Additionally, Nebius faced a sharp increase in the number of employees, and each person needed different access levels to offices at various levels (country, office, floor, or office). The internal solution for scheduling meetings was no longer available. As a result, a meeting room booking system had to be integrated into the same platform.

The number of desks in each office or on each floor was subject to change, requiring the software to be highly flexible in order to easily accommodate all the changes. Continuous support from the vendor’s side needed to be available to adjust the settings according to requests.


We implemented UnSpot solutions for desk sharing, parking lots booking, meetings scheduling in one platform. This platform offers internal Single Sign-On (SSO) access, facilitating seamless integration into the daily workflow. Employees can efficiently reserve their desks and meeting rooms through both desktop and mobile applications. Additionally, managers benefit from a user-friendly office management system that offers flexible permission configuration and real-time analytics on office space utilization.


We have greatly streamlined the office management processes within the company by introducing a comprehensive booking system across offices in two countries. This system covers five floors, comprising approximately 250 workstations, 12 meeting rooms, and designated parking areas. It seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and enables hassle-free sign-in through the internal Single Sign-On (SSO) system.

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