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Desk Booking System
Meeting Room Booking System


After moving to a new office, the company required an integrated meeting room booking solution compatible with the office’s tablets.


We’ve effectively executed the implementation of a booking system by seamlessly integrating it with room tablets and providing comprehensive training to company employees on its utilization.

We appreciate UnSpot for their efficient implementation of the meeting room reservation system at our Accenture office. The need for a new conference room booking software integrated with our existing tablets was seamlessly fulfilled by UnSpot. Their prompt deployment of the booking system, tablet integration, and provision of a test period highlight their commitment to quality service. UnSpot’s solution has greatly streamlined our operations, and we look forward to further collaboration.

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The company approached us with the challenge of replacing their previous contractor, which involved implementing a meeting booking system and seamlessly integrating it with tablets. Fortunately, our software boasts easy integration capabilities with nearly all modern tablets, enabling us to successfully fulfill the client’s requirements.

Solution and result

The implementation of the meeting booking system has streamlined our client’s approach to meetings and office space management. Through its user-friendly interface, employees can now easily schedule meetings, reducing scheduling conflicts and optimizing room usage. This efficient process has resulted in increased productivity and more effective allocation of office resources.

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