Why employees won’t book meeting rooms via Google and Outlook

November 2nd, 2020 • 4 min read
Blog Why employees won't book meeting rooms via Google and Outlook
Blog Why employees won't book meeting rooms via Google and Outlook

Book meeting rooms via Google and Outlook

We are often asked: why do we need a meeting room booking system if this functionality is available in Outlook and Google calendars? And it is true, but we have ten arguments why booking through calendars works only in theory.

  1. Room search options are limited
  2. When you enter the name of the room in the location field from memory, you may make a mistake and it will not be booked. This is a path to embarrassment when a client or partner arrives and the meeting room is occupied by other employees.
  3. The administrator does not always confirm the booking. So, this must be monitored; it is necessary to be kept in mind, but does not always work.
  4. Google and Outlook do not provide information about the room location and its potential. Booking rooms in other cities/offices becomes almost impossible.
  5. Problems with the booking interface in Outlook, in which rooms are sometimes displayed as people
  6. There are no mobile applications for booking, and using the Outlook calendars in mobile is a pain
  7. It is simply impossible to find a room quickly for an emergency meeting
  8. Office managers and administrators turn into "nannies" for negotiations, when everyone is asked to make an urgent reservation at the last minute
  9. The booking manager is frustrated by the “Add a location” field, because it allows you to add a place only on the Google map, and not inside the room. Furthermore, you need to add something inside the room.
  10. It is beautiful

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