How to effectively use desk sharing for hybrid work

November 1st, 2021 • 8 min read
Blog Hybrid Work How to effectively use desk sharing for hybrid work
Blog Hybrid Work How to effectively use desk sharing for hybrid work

Today, in the business environment, the need to reformat the office and introduce a hot desk zone is increasingly mentioned. Globally, a hot desk is a modernized space in which employees, instead of a fixed workplace, occupy a free one, coming to work by the schedule.

A significant part of the time during the year, employees spend on vacation, business trips, meetings, and sick leave. During this time, their tables are idle. Sharing a desk at work allows you to optimize office space and efficiently use it. Also, the choice of this format makes it possible to reduce the amount of leased space to 30-40%.

Also, this format of workspace organization will suit such companies, which during the period of the Covid pandemic increased the number of employees, but the office space does not allow to accommodate so many people. This is where organizing a hybrid work model comes in handy. According to Fortune, more than 50% of the people surveyed prefer hybrid work schedules.

In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to organize a hot desk for hybrid work more effectively.

4 Tips for Effectively Implementing Hot Desking in the office

The only difficulty in operating a hot desk lies in drawing up a schedule. Working in such a space is impossible without fixing the time for each traveling employee to perform office work. Otherwise, work processes will be slowed down by the lack of places. But some tips can help implement hot-desking in the office effectively.

Share hot desking plans with employees to prepare them for the switch

The first tip is to avoid «traffic jams» and ensure that everyone who wants to work from the office has a place. At this point, it is necessary to consider purchasing a hybrid booking app and show plans to employees. This is convenient and easy to integrate into all office systems.

Some companies prefer the old way: if a person wants to work from the office but does not have a fixed desktop, he sends an application to a particular email address, which office managers administer. But it is too complicated. With the help of simple mechanics, you can book a place in your favorite spot and ask for an additional screen anywhere in the office.

Use advanced desk booking to avoid desk shortages

Conservative office space is transformed into a flexible place by introducing a hot-desk area. Thanks to hot desks, the office load is distributed, and the schedule for visiting workplaces ensures accessible seating and a minimum number of people in the workspace at a time.

Often, analytics show that 50% of the staff spend no more than 2-3 hours a day at a work computer, and therefore it would be rational to redirect such employees to the hot desk zone, make an application, and a schedule for them.

Set a basic use policy

Also, it is obligatory to set main hot desking etiquette rules to share place:

  • do not leave personal things after work;
  • maintain cleanliness;
  • negotiability, loyalty to colleagues.

With this desk sharing policy of organizing office space, all equipment serviceability and the correct configuration of communication tools are of great importance.

Create a comfortable workplace for the employee

Despite the lack of personalization, each workplace should be as equipped as possible so that everyone feels comfortable. Versatility is one of the main requirements.

The hot desk workspace system provides everyone with the opportunity to choose a specific, most comfortable organization of a place to work. Therefore, as a result, it is possible to achieve the best performance indicators.

Main benefits of Hot Desking

Many companies have long successfully implemented this system to take advantage of all its benefits, among which it is essential to highlight the following:

  • high efficiency of space;
  • organization of effective communication between different departments;
  • reducing the cost of arranging the workspace;
  • high labor productivity;
  • staff motivation, development of a creative approach to work.

Desk reservation in hybrid office provides an opportunity to save the budget for companies and organizations without compromising work efficiency.

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