Visitor Management

Designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for all guests. Ensure workplace safety, compliance, and productivity with our reliable solution, making your guests’ experience exceptional from the moment they arrive.

Keep your workspace safe

Ensure workplace safety with our secure visitor management system, granting access exclusively to approved guests. This way, everyone inside remains protected and secure.

Optimize your team’s efficiency

Say goodbye to the hassle of printing and filing paper documents, manually handwriting badges, or hunting down employees when their guests arrive. Our automated system takes care of everything for you.

Simplify the process of approvals and denials

Define guest criteria for entry approval. Customize building access levels directly in UnSpot, granting appropriate permissions automatically.

Features of Visitor Management Software

Get a seamless host experience

  • Effortlessly pre-register visitors or visitor groups. Easily invite them to any location or upload visitor groups using XLS files.
  • Utilize the global address book for quick re-entry and manage your personal address book efficiently.
  • Automatically create visits when booking meeting rooms.
  • Pre-register visitors directly from any calendar.

Simplify host notifications

  • Check-in: Receive notifications with information collected during registration or the visitor’s entrance details.
  • Denied: Hosts are promptly notified if a visitor is denied entry based on their responses during remote registration.
  • Check out: Hosts receive notifications when visitors check out.
  • Status notifications, identity checks, pre-approved visits, emergency messaging

Create a welcoming environment for all guests

  • Upon arrival, visitors will automatically receive a welcome message containing site-by-site information.
  • Automate sign-in using the visitor kiosk and lobby display.
  • eSign for NDAs, Privacy, Compliance ( and other docs.
  • Health and safety check-ins.

Other features

  • Personalized check-in process.
  • Visitor screening, block list and photo capture.
  • Badge printing.

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