What is hybrid work and why is it popular?

November 17th, 2021 • 8 min read
Blog Hybrid Work What is hybrid work and why is it popular?
Blog Hybrid Work What is hybrid work and why is it popular?

Hybrid work is the hottest new trend in the field of employment. It emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. According to a recent study, pandemics have adverse impacts on economies of all the nations around the globe. For this reason, it's critical to find the most appropriate form of employment that would be ideal for any organization. The hybrid work model is focused on teams' involvement in the so-called mixed working environment.

What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work is a recently developed concept that refers to a flexible scheme of employees' everyday activities in the organization. It is based on the combination of remote and in-office work. An employee is free to choose the amount of time he or she will work remotely and in the office. Of course, this model is shaped both by the employers' and employees' needs. Therefore, several options are available today, depending on the number of people engaged in remote and on-site activities.

The benefits of hybrid work

It's necessary to highlight the most important features of this scheme that make the workplace attractive to more companies. In the age of pandemics, the value of this employment form becomes meaningful both for human resources and companies.

Work when it suits you

The high degree of flexibility provided by the hybrid work model can increase employee motivation and creativity to a great extent. When people have an opportunity to manage their time effectively, they become more productive. They generate new ideas, complete their projects with enthusiasm, and demonstrate a high level of job satisfaction.

Reduce exposure to illness

The enhanced work-life balance fostered by the hybrid scheduling contributes to employees' improved health and well-being. People engaged in their everyday activities remotely and on-site are less exposed to different illnesses. They can avoid interactions with sick colleagues who are allowed to stay at home. They can create their fitness awareness.   

Saving on office rent

This technology-based hybrid work model is defined as cost-effective for any company. Employers can arrange their working days based on a reduction in office space. Fewer employees in the office, less rent! Experts found that reducing real estate costs by 30% is a chance to make other vital investments, such as ones that can enhance working conditions.

Hire talent across the globe

If an employer is interested in promoting business opportunities at the global level, it's a good solution to hire talents from all over the world. Diverse talents can contribute to the company's success in the competitive market due to their unique skills, knowledge, experience. More new talents evolved in business, more creative ideas, and hopeful perspectives for the company.

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How to adopt a hybrid work model

The effectiveness of adopting a hybrid work plan is determined by several factors, including the selection of the right people, the organization of the proper processes, and the extensive use of technology. Switching to hybrid work is now the company's culture.

Conduct a survey of employees

It's critical to learn what employees think about the new program because highly motivated staff benefits the company's success in the market. Conducting a well-developed survey is the best approach to assess the views of employees on this innovation. A good survey should contain different questions to get clear and comprehensive responses about the work-related needs, work arrangement demands, and work division preferences of employees.

Build the infrastructure for flexible work

Building the required infrastructure for a successful hybrid work process is essential for combining remote and on-site workplaces. Employers should facilitate their employees' collaborative efforts to achieve the entity's goals. Experts state the proper technological innovations should be used for equal communication and collaboration between employees: audio and video conferences for hybrid meetings, or network platforms for changing messages.

Create a great workplace experience

Managers should adopt diverse methods that improve the workplace experience and ensure positive results. Among them are social bonding, professional learning, inclusion of innovations, sharing creative ideas, team building, and collaborative practices. These strategies help to maximize the productivity of teams and individuals. Due to a well-collaborated corporate culture, everyone will maintain the motivation to work hard no matter whether an employee is at home or in the office.

Gather continuous feedback

To ensure the effective functioning of the selected hybrid work model, employers need to rely on honest communication. Due to continuous feedback from staff members, it's easy to make improvements in the system, eliminate possible errors, and prevent inconsistencies in team building. Employee responses help draw relevant conclusions on how to solve the existing problems and enhance performance at all organizational levels.

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