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How to organize set up desks for a hybrid workplace?

September 17th, 2021 • 5 min read
Blog Hybrid Work How to organize set up desks for a hybrid workplace?
Blog Hybrid Work How to organize set up desks for a hybrid workplace?

The best solution is to provide your employees with different areas where they can do their job at their best, for example, public spaces for meetings, quiet places for focused work, and special conference rooms. 

What to consider when starting to work with hybrid desks? 

As you transition to a hybrid workplace model, keep in mind that your crew's requirements will likely vary from one employee to the next. For example, some will need very flexible schedules to devote time to their family fully. Others will require maximum concentration to stay on track. Building a stimulating environment requires your commitment to providing each team member with the tools they need to succeed.

The hybrid model can fail if not properly set up and maintained like any other workplace. On the other hand, a successful hybrid office comprises multi-functional spaces that allow employees to complete different tasks comfortably. In addition, you can assign one desk for several employees, and that desk should have the right set-up for each employee working at it.

Create desks for employees to work efficiently 

An efficient hybrid office should have standing desk set-ups to connect your laptop, lounges where you can check email in a more relaxed environment, soundproof cabins for phone conversations, and coffee spots for casual chats with co-workers.  

Make your employee comfortable 

Your main task is to provide your employees with everything they need. For example, cover the cost of mobile communication and Internet, give access to modern computers, and set up a catering system. In this way, your workers will not only become more efficient, but it will make them enjoy their workplace experience.

 Add booking policies 

These days, an executive doesn't have to redesign the office for hybrid workstations. Qualified professionals can help you redesign your office and provide hybrid workstations for your team. A booking policy can help you a lot when you have problems with office space. 

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Why start using hybrid desks?

Right now, hybrid desks help maximize employees' amenities and safety during a pandemic by creating enough personal space and allowing them to keep their workplace platforms. Employees with flexible schedules can work from the office or home if there is a particular risk for them or members of their families.

How can UnSpot help?

UnSpot can support companies in transitioning to a hybrid workplace model by analyzing and optimizing their office space. With the correctly configured workflow from UnSpot, your employees can do their work as efficiently as possible, no matter where they are located. And with the special software from UnSpot, the whole process becomes much easier and simpler. 

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