Desk check-ins — a key element for a flexible workplace

January 14th, 2022 • 5 min read
Blog Workplace Experience Desk check-ins — a key element for a flexible workplace
Blog Workplace Experience Desk check-ins — a key element for a flexible workplace

Today, with smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the desks in the office, the traditional look of workplaces is rapidly changing. One of the trends is the emergence of a hot-desking system, according to which one workplace can have several owners.

It is an approach to the organization of office space, in which employees do not have personal tables and chairs, but occupy free workplaces, as needed, using desk check-ins.

The «Check-In» function is created to set the period for which you need to confirm the reservation. This service is connected optionally for each place or room.

Booking allows you to organize access to workplaces and meeting rooms when employees do not have a dedicated and assigned workplace and the number of these places is less than the number of employees in the company.

After booking, a person receives a question about confirming his booking in a day. If the employee does not confirm or refuses the reservation, the table becomes available for booking by other employees again.

Go back to the office with confidence

Many employees are in no hurry to return to work after the Covid-19 pandemic. And this problem has become common for many companies around the world.

Therefore, it is very important for a modern business to maintain a delicate balance between efficiency and safety, creating all the necessary conditions for employees and limiting the number of people in the office, in order to reduce the risks of multiple infections.

The most popular solution is to use a meeting room booking and job monitoring system.

Get your workplace analytics

Each employee who needs to appear in the office at a certain period of time must book his workplace or make meeting room reservations in advance. In its simplest form, the system allows you to impose a limit on the number of workers who can be in the same room. If the "critical mass" is exceeded, the system will offer to book a table for another time.

The manager receives detailed analytics for a certain period of time, which shows which places are most often used. As well as cases when the place was booked, but the person did not come, was late, or stayed at the workplace for more than the allotted time.

Also, if there was a reservation, and there was no check-in and the booking was canceled, this is reflected in the staff booking report.

Such reports make it possible to draw administrative conclusions about the behavior and to discipline the responsible approach of employees — to provide office management and to use working time as efficiently as possible.

Based on the analytics, the head of the HR department can draw conclusions about the lack or excess of the number of jobs, which ultimately will optimize costs and increase efficiency.

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Adapt your workplace

The main benefit of using the desk check-in is that you can adapt it according to your needs. When the software is launched, the user sees a schematic image of the office and a summary employment calendar. An employee can choose a free workplace for the desired date. A familiar interface and an intuitive layout help you quickly navigate and choose the appropriate placement option.

If a specific employee fell ill, you can track where he was and with whom he could contact, in order to send employees from the risk zone to quarantine.

How can UnSpot help with this?

The intelligent booking system of workplaces is an extremely popular decision in the post-pandemic economy. If you decide to embody in your office a system of loan places, in order to maximize the use of space, the UnSpot company is ready to help you. The specialists offer software solutions to clients along with an implementation service, which includes customizing the products.

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