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Conference room digital signage that supports your return to work

October 11th, 2021 • 9 min read
Blog Workplace Experience Conference room digital signage that supports your return to work
Blog Workplace Experience Conference room digital signage that supports your return to work

Nowadays workplaces have become more flexible since many companies have switched to the hybrid format, combining both remote and office work. This led to the popularity of such practices as hot-desking and desk hoteling, which allowed businesses to maximize space efficiency and lessen real estate risk by reducing redundant office space.

Due to the new way of working, employees need to find places quickly. Conference room digital signage can help every team member to navigate in an unfamiliar environment. The software allows them to easily find an available room for the meeting or reserve a quiet place to work.

There's so much to talk about the benefits of using digital screen for meeting booking but how it actually works?

How does digital signage work?

It's hard to imagine our life without screens right now. We basically see it everywhere we go from public transport to shopping centers. Digital signage displays are showing the information people may find interesting or entertaining. They could be presented in different types or forms: static, interactive touchscreens, billboards, or a big video wall.

At its most basic level, digital signage is a screen with some kind of visual messaging presented in a digital format. Users can manage the content on a display with special management software, either on-site or within the cloud to change up on the fly. And that makes it so convenient tool to use as an office managing room system.

Implementing a tool for meeting booking allows you to take control of shared space in the office, so you can get an understanding of how often it's being used. Your team will benefit from an opportunity to book conference rooms quickly and conveniently from anywhere: a company calendar, web app, or from a display in front of the meeting place.

Benefits of digital signage for meeting rooms

Conference room digital signage doesn't just provide convenience. It makes the office space more efficient, saves your team from manual and time-consuming tasks.

Real-time updates

Time-consuming manually updated check-ins are now part of the past. With a meeting room digital signage, the information about available time slots automatically updates in the room booking software as soon as an appointment was made. Changes in the schedule instantly pop up on a monitor in front of the meeting area and on all other devices to avoid any confusion between employees.

Room scheduling and booking

Thanks to the integration of calendar and booking systems, the multi-step process of finding a conference room and calling a meeting can be streamlined into one easy action. Simply reserve a place at any convenient time and date, invite participants and the system will notify them right away. All in one workflow.

Compliance with Covid-19 rules

It's no secret that after the pandemic, the world of work environment has changed and there are a lot of safety guidelines it's necessary to follow in the office. Conference room signage can help to support the new policies and safety measures. The software allows communicating important information such as room capacity limits in order to follow recommended guidelines for spatial distancing.

Touchless booking

With an application for booking workplaces and meeting rooms, employees can get a full perspective of currently available spaces in the office by checking mobile or web apps. In just one click it's possible to reserve a room or a desk for a convenient date, and if plans have changed, simply reschedule. No need to go to the monitor in front of the meeting area and tap on the screen manually. It limits a constant movement across the hall which at the same time increases workplace safety.

Workplace insights

As an employer, it's important to understand how the office is being used throughout the day, week, month to maximize space utilization and efficiency. Which rooms are the most popular? Which ones aren't booked at all? What meeting rooms are overbooked? It's easy to answer questions about office space utilization when your team has access to digital signage and booking solutions.

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Tips for installing digital meeting room signage

In our new digital world making your office more efficient doesn't necessarily require a large-scale project. With a wide spectrum of various technologies and knowledge, the process of creating a better-connected workspace can be seamless. The best room booking solutions help you to empower resources the office already has and integrate new tools without an extra headache.


Think of the screens you currently use within your organization. The availability of modern electronic screens will allow employees to use the software freely. Consider taking a closer look at Apple devices such as IPads since the Unspot booking platform seamlessly integrates with multiple versions, provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Together with Apple software, the Unspot becomes a powerful and stable tool that will ensure a smooth operation of the system.

Mounting and stands

It's important to consider the process of installation when purchasing housings for the chosen screen type. A typical wall-mounted room display works great in drywall, but what if you have glass meeting rooms? In such a case, there are lots of freestanding options (specially made for IPads) to choose from.

ADA compliance

Make sure to follow the specific guidelines for the placement of digital assets within the office given by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). When installing digital room signs, ensure that your screens' height, housing depth, and placement corresponds to federal standards. This makes usage of booking software convenient and easy for every user in your office.

The best conference room digital signage solution for your business

The meeting room digital signage and booking system are made to empower every office space with a wide range of abilities. There are many ready-to-use solutions on the market but how to choose the best one for your business?

Here are some features of the best digital signage solutions:

  • Seamless integration with a software familiar to employees

Make sure it connects with a current company ecosystem: calendar apps (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) and also mobile apps.

  • Intuitive user interface

Employees should be able to find the information about room availability at a glance. The reservation process should be as easy as possible to quickly book the room or end if it isn't needed anymore.

  • Detailed reports

The best digital signage solution gives you detailed statistics of your meeting rooms usage so you can get an understanding of how to maximize office space utilization.

One of the suitable solutions for your business might be Unspot. It has all of the advanced features and combines digital signage and booking systems to bring the working routine to the next level. Unspot software helps to modernize the office into space for effective interaction between employees and boost their productivity.

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