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5 effective tips for conference room management

February 1st, 2022 • 10 min read
Blog Workplace Experience 5 effective tips for conference room management
Blog Workplace Experience 5 effective tips for conference room management

Meetings are a vital component of any business. Having productive communication between employees, clients, and partners helps the company achieve ambitious goals faster. 

Holding effective meetings depends on schedule, attendee's interest, plan of the day, and, of course, environment. The latter brings a significant impact on successful communication outcomes. A convenient conference room for your team to gather creates a functional space to express and discuss ideas. Plus, a quiet place without distractions keeps everyone focused on what is essential. 

Having meeting spots is undoubtedly beneficial for the company. However, some issues can arise around sharing these spaces and gaining maximum utility. Without any management, conference rooms might cause disruptions to the workforce. 

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How important is it to focus on the meeting room management system?

Meeting room management is essential for a smooth workplace operation. It helps to ensure that every team can access space when needed and eliminate unnecessary conflicts. There are other benefits of having a conference place management system:   

  • Avoid double-booking

A proper booking room system will automatically prevent users from reserving a space that already has meetings. This helps to eliminate any conflicts between employees and gives a clear understanding of the place occupancy.

  •  Improve space utilization

Effective room management software shows how often a specific space is used. This real-time data gives a complete perspective on workplace usage and helps optimize it, if necessary. 

  • Increase room availability

Without handy booking tools, it's hard to keep track of conference rooms schedule. Integrate a booking room system to avoid double-booking and situations when the reserved meeting space is left unattended. 

Conference room management might seem challenging, but here are 5 tips that will help make this process easier.   

1. Availability of software for booking meeting rooms

When it comes to managing workplaces, the right booking software is essential for smooth and stable operation. Implementing one saves your employees time on searching for a suitable meeting room. There is no need to run around different floors seeking a free space or constantly asking office managers to help out. With the booking rooms system, each team member could find a meeting spot effortlessly with a few clicks. 

Unspot booking software is a ready-to-use product that allows your employees to find a space and reserve it straight away quickly. The app, along with the digital screen for conference rooms booking, displays room availability, which helps to avoid confusion between the team.

2. Observe the occupancy level of the space

One of the most useful booking software features is seeing each room occupancy level. This allows to answer some crucial questions:

  • Does the office have enough place for meetings?
  • Which spaces are more popular?
  • How often do people use conference rooms?

Knowing such data, you can optimize these spaces and work on under-used ones to create an efficient workplace for the team. 

A clear understanding of the occupancy level helps prevent employee conflicts and avoid double booking. 

3. Name Your Meeting Rooms for Easy Location

Naming your conference rooms might seem like unnecessary action for your workplace. But this is only at first glance. 

Names for your meeting rooms ensure that facility managers and employees are quickly oriented to them. This is one of the simplest ways for meeting room management. 

Plus, unique names eliminate confusion. If you have many meeting spots named just by their number, it'll be harder to navigate and remember their location. 

4. Use digital displays outside conference rooms

Digital displays outside every meeting room bring your workplace to the next level. Implementing ones, you instantly get many helpful features:

  • Information about the meeting and room availability;

Let your team know who is using the space and for how long.

  • Make a reservation right on the spot;

Easy-to-use booking module allows employees to reserve a room right on the digital display.

  • Streamline the office interior.

Modern displays create an image of an innovative and digitalized company.

Unspot meeting room display combines all those features to give you the maximum possibilities. Unspot software helps to take the next step for an efficient workplace. 

5. Follow a strict sanitation schedule

Health and safety conditions are more important than ever before. It is essential to maintain a safe environment in the workplace. Meeting rooms need special attention due to multiple usages during the day. 

When managing conference rooms, make sure to plan time for cleaning. A sanitization after every meeting should be the number one priority. Clean high contact surfaces and use disinfectants. The room booking system can help you implement conference space cleaning into the office routine. 

How can UnSpot help to manage meeting rooms?

Unspot is professional software made for the business to improve efficiency at the workplace. Powerful tools will make your employees' everyday work more convenient. With the Unspot meeting rooms management system, each team member can reserve space in a few clicks through the app or a digital display. 

The software provides detailed reports allowing you to get a closer look at space utilization. Based on the received data, it's easier to decide on workplace optimization. 

Unspot offers a solution that saves your company time by giving the opportunity to focus on new achievements.

Try conference room booking system for free

You can easily book conference rooms with just one click from anywhere, avoiding the need to deal with complicated spreadsheets and the hassle of making reservations.

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