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Desk Booking Software in Company’s Office

After the pandemic started, part-time remote work became the new normal. Offices need to change and allow employees to book desks for the time they will be working in the office.

Virtual card for managing desks

Give up hand-made spreadsheets and mistakes.

Draggable desks

Move a desk on the office virtual map and select which one should be available for booking and according to which rules.

Always up-to-date map

Changes are instantly reflected on all devices, allowing you to have an up-to-date seating chart.

Set roles and permissions

Choose your own access group for any employee, deciding which parts of the office they have access to.

Make it easier booking and finding desk by employees

Transfer employees to a comfortable mix of working from the office and working from home

Find and book from anywhere

Allow your employees to manage where they will sit using a convenient online booking system via web panel.

Get real-time access to your office

As soon as someone marks a desk or a seat as available, the map of your office is updated instantly.

Search for which employees will be in the office

Free employees from useless chats and calls discussing whether one of them will come in on Friday or not. Employees have access to the system and search whether their colleague will be in the office that day or not. If so, they may book a seat next to them.

Adapt your office space based on your company’s desk usage data

Safe seating after COVID

Manage your office capacity by limiting the number of desks available for booking at any given time.

Get daily and historical data on office usage

Explore desk booking trends and identify ways to improve your own space.

Contact tracking

If any employee is sick, find out where they were and who they communicated with, using data and reports with the ability to export.

Unique UnSpot functionality  

Людям нравится сидеть на своих любимых местах. Только у UnSpot есть функционал бронирования мест со сложным графиком.

Example: This year I will come to the office every Tuesday from 13:00 until 15:00 and every other Friday for the whole day. On these days, I would like to sit at the same desk by the window.

Desk booking functionality

Interactive seating map

Administrators may change the desk layout on the map, so that the changes are instantly reflected on all the user’s devices.

Hot desk and Hotel desk booking

An employee may reserve a workplace for several hours or for several days.

Assign desks to employees

Assign desks to those employees who regularly go to the office, leaving them the opportunity to use an interactive map.

Combining desks into groups

Employees see groups of desks united by certain parameters, for example “marketing department”, “zone of silence”, etc.


If an employee does not come to the desk at the appointed time, the reservation is canceled and others may reserve the desk.

Search for desks by parameters

An option to search for a free desk for the required time in different offices or on different floors. 

Web apps

Employees reserve a desk from an app that is convenient for them. No training is required. 

Access groups

You may choose which group of employees will have access to which part of the office.

Data analytics

You get complete data analytics of which days are better for employees to come, which parts of the office are the busiest and a lot of other useful information.

Start your office optimization

How UnSpot helps customers

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Spacious office

UnSpot software provides a set of tools to use the same workplace by different people without problems and conflicts.

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Returning to the office

Sunspot Software provides a set of tools to help employees safely return to your company's office and support a long-term flexible workplace strategy.

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The office as an attractive location

UnSpot software helps to modernize the office into a space for attracting employees and their effective interaction.

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Improving the HR brand

Sunspot software provides tools that allow employees to feel that the company cares about them and invests in their convenience, security, and comfort of interacting with the office space.

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