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How to choose a holder type?

To get the booking system of meeting rooms that fits seamlessly your office interior and looks stulish, you should take care of the following:

1. The dimensions of the iPad and the holder should match.

When choosing a holder, please take into account that its dimensions should fit the diagonal of the device you have.

NOTE! The Standard holder is one size fitting only the iPad 6 of 9.7 '', 2018 year. The Premium holder is available in 2 sizes - 9.7 '' and 10.2 '', and fits the 6th and 7th generation iPad.

2. The color of the holder should match the color of your iPad.

The appearance of a ready-made booking module, consisting of a device and a holder, is also important. Which color of the holder to choose depends only on your personal preference. But keep in mind that iPad Space Gray will look most impressive in a black holder, while a white iPad will better look in a white holder.

3. Choose the most suitable place for installing the booking module.

The final appearance of the booking system in your office also depends on the interior of the room where it will be located. If the wall on which the system will be installed is light, then a dark module will look more advantageous, while a light module will look better against a dark background.

We have tested and selected 2 types of holders for you.

From the many wall holders on the market, we have chosen Standard and Premium ones and tested them in the interior, taking into account all the above features.

The Standard holder has a simple design and fits perfectly into an office with a minimalist interior.

Premium holder is more stylish, and it will suit complex interior perfectly.

While purchasing a device holder please consider that it will last you a long time. The choice you make will determine whether the booking system looks seamless in your office.