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An application for booking workplaces and meeting rooms in the company office

All the necessary tools for managing a flexible office 

Booking workplaces

meeting rooms

Office analytics

How UnSpot helps its customers

Helping employees return to the office

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UnSpot software provides a set of tools to facilitate the safe return of your employees to the office and supports a long-term flexible workplace strategy.

Creating a spacious office

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UnSpot software provides a set of tools to allow different people to use the same workplace without problems or conflicts.

Improving the HR brand

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UnSpot software provides tools that allow employees to feel that the company cares about them and invests in their convenience, security and comfortable interaction with the office space.

Turning the office into an attractive center

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UnSpot software helps to modernize the office into a space that is attractive to employees and supports their effective interaction.

Easy access where it is needed


Web version

UnSpot makes it easy to schedule meetings and book meeting rooms from any computer.


Smartphone app

You can download the UnSpot app for iOS and Android to book meeting rooms from your smartphone.

Meeting room app

UnSpot Space allows you to determine remotely whether a room is occupied or vacant and book it.